What to Expect as a Patient

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Rehabilitation Services

At Rehab Hospital we are dedicated to providing individualized care for patients and families while rebuilding lives in a compassionate environment. Thank you for considering Rehab Hospital for your rehabilitation needs.

Before You Arrive Directions to our facility
Click here for a campus map and directions to our facility.

When you come to Rehab Hospital, please bring with you:

  • Medicare or health insurance coverage card
  • Advance directive forms
  • A list of current medications and corrective devices (if being admitted from home)
  • Four to five changes of clothes
  • Personal items that remind you of home

Click here for a complete list of items to bring with you to Rehab Hospital.

Our admissions' staff will gather your insurance information and a case manager will handle pre-certification and other issues. This service is provided as a convenience only. Patients are responsible for payment of all bills related to their care. Any time you have questions, talk with your case manager and your insurance company. Click here for additional information regarding insurance.

When You Arrive
Our admitting and nursing staff receive prior notice of the date and approximate time of your arrival, so we will be here to greet you and your family. This is a good time for you to ask questions about your accommodations and insurance coverage.

During the admissions process, you will be provided with information concerning your care and will be asked to sign several consent forms. Examples of these include a release form so that your medical records and other papers may be sent to your primary care physician, the referral institution or insurance carrier; a general consent to treatment form; the patient bill of rights; an advance directive form and an assignment of benefits. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about the forms you are being asked to sign and the information you are provided. If you are unable to sign the consent forms, a family member or responsible party must accompany you at the time of admission.

Education Binders
You will be provided with an education binder upon admission. This will be a useful tool for staff members to provide you with resources, instructional tools and articles or information about the Rehabilitation Hospital and your treatment. You can reference this binder when you return home.

While You Are Here
Make Yourself at Home
Each spacious room has a large window overlooking our grounds. Your room also has a television, closet and plenty of drawer space. In addition, you will have a bedside telephone and a wheelchair accessible bathroom with ample space for showering. You may want to bring some decorative items that remind you of home or even a favorite pillow or blanket.

Visiting Hours
At Rehab Hospital we know that sometimes the best medicine for anyone is having loved ones nearby. Click here for information about visiting hours.

Our Typical Daily Schedule
A typical patient receives a minimum of three (3) hours of therapy a day. A wide range of treatment settings are available to meet individual needs. These areas range from the gym in the center of our facility, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) settings include a kitchen, game and recreation areas, apartment settings, courtyard with different terrains, and of course, your patient room.

Monday through Friday
Therapy and individual education sessions are held in the morning and afternoon with rest periods in between. Your schedule will be posted for you. You may want to share your schedule with your family and visitors.

Saturday and Sunday
Weekend therapy services may be offered based on your progress.

Participation by Family and Friends

The interdisciplinary treatment team will encourage your family and friends to participate in your rehabilitation program. They may be asked to attend treatment team meetings or therapy sessions to learn techniques that will help them care for you (or avoid "over helping") after you leave the hospital.

You should not ask your family or friends to assist you out of bed, out of a wheelchair or to walk with you until they have been given specific instructions by our staff. For other safety tips, click here.

Before You Leave
Even before you arrive at Rehabilitation Hospital, you are assigned a case manager. Discharge planning may include identifying and prequalifying vendors of adaptive equipment (such as crutches, walkers, oxygen, etc.) and outpatient and home care providers (physical therapy, visiting nurse services, speech therapy, etc.) as well as other community referrals.

As you progress through rehabilitation, we constantly re-evaluate your abilities and functional limitations to identify what services you will need once you are discharged.

By the time you are ready to be discharged, you will have progressed in your rehabilitation and will have answered some important questions about the future. All decisions regarding discharge planning (as with all aspects of your care) are reviewed and discussed by the entire care team. Physicians, nurses, therapists, case managers as well as you and your family work together to make the most appropriate decisions.

To adequately evaluate your ability to function in an independent setting, we may offer a brief stay in our transitional living apartment . There you will be assessed for simple homemaking tasks and self-care abilities.

Before discharge, our team members may provide you with exercises and other helpful information that will assist you in continuing rehabilitation after you leave. Our case managers will locate resources in your community that will be able to provide key services once you're home. And we may point you toward other community organizations you might want to explore.

It is our goal to ensure that you are in an appropriate, safe environment once you leave our facility. If you have any questions about discharge planning, talk with your case manager. Click here to learn more about our discharge process.

Approximately 30 days after you leave the hospital you will be contacted by a staff person to see how you are functioning at home. This information will help us to develop programs and services to enhance our care.

Thank you for choosing Rehab Hospital for your rehabilitation needs.