Our Patients

Who Are Our Patients?
Our patients are people who have lost or are at risk for losing the ability to function independently. All are under the care of a physician for one of the following:

  • progression of a chronic condition
  • sudden onset of illness or injury
  • post-surgical care

We pledge to help each of our patients reach their maximum level of function and independence.
In 2016:

  • Patients ranged in age from 14-97
  • The average patient age was 62.9 years
  • Four patients were between the ages of 14 and 17

At the Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne, we take a team approach to care. Each patient and their family are at the center of the care team. Our therapists, nurses and physicians depend on their input in order to set realistic and meaningful goals.

We cannot promise a person's full recovery but can pledge to work toward making the maximum gains possible within the scope of services we provide. Our team approach gets positive, measurable results that are important to our patients' increased independence.

By combining the skills and experience of physicians, nurses, clinical dietitians, therapists, case managers and psychological services with the patient's goals, we can help each patient rebuild his or her life.